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"Almost half of all paint sales are generated from people picking the wrong paint."              Barbara Green, AOL Real Estate 


* Is emotional and sets the tone and mood.

* Has a wonderful or devastating effect on a person when combined with the overall room effect. 

* Can change a person's energy level and sense of order or disorder.

* Is the foundation of every great design plan.

Have you ever....​

Made a color mistake? Most people have. It isn't easy to pick the right color pallet for a room. There are numerous color choices, even beiges and whites have several undertones. What might look great in the showroom, can look very different under different lighting and with other design elements and colors. Knowing the properties of color and science of color combinations is beneficial in choosing wisely for that COLOR PERFECT HOME! 

The average price of painting a home in the greater St. George area is a little over $3.00 per square foot. That is over $6,000 for a 2,000 square foot home! Color mistakes are costly. Why not hire a Color Expert for $350 or less.


Because it is difficult to make paint and color choices in a vacuum, we will be assessing all of the colors in each room to determine the best paint color to enhance your current furnishings, fixtures, and architectural elements. We further test the color on the walls, using our large paint swatches.

This is what makes the Color Perfect Home process that I follow unique:

  • We narrow down the paint choices in the Color Perfect Consultation and bring in large color samples that we LEAVE with you in the home. This way you can live with it and love it before you commit to the larger expense of a painter. 
  • To insure you are working with your current color pallet, we provide you additional color sheets to take with you when shopping for additional furnishings, accessories, and textiles. 
  • We provide you with a checklist of further design ideas that you can incorporate at your own pace to finish the look and color scheme we've chosen.

$150 - Color Perfect Consultation (One Room) 

Additional rooms are $100 each.

$350 - Color Perfect Home Consultation (Four Rooms, Volume Discount) 

Additional rooms are $100 each, but transitional areas like hallways, stairwells and entrance ways are free.

$590 - Color Perfect Home Consultation (Seven to Ten Rooms, Volume Discount)

Additional rooms are $100 each, but transitional areas like hallways, stairwells and entrance ways are free.

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